Treasures in the Royal Library

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Martin Luther: Dass diese Wort Christi … 1527. G. Brandes: Lecture on the Emigrant Literature.
Erasmus of Rotterdam: Proverbs. J.P. Jacobsen: Mogens.
The Heart Book. 1550’s. Sophus Claussen: Big City. 1887.
Leonora Christina: The French Autobiography. 1673. Johannes V. Jensen: The Fall of the King.
P. Bayle: Dictionnaire historique et critique. 1689. Martin Andersen Nexø: Pelle the Conquerer. 1906.
L. Holberg: Fragment of Epistle no. 447. 1751-1753. Karen Blixen: Out of Africa.
H.C. Andersen: Diary on a Journey to Germany. 1831. Envelopes decorated by Henri Matisse. 1941-1945.
Emil Aarestrup: There Is a Spell on Your Lips. 1835. Klaus Rifbjerg: Life in the Bathroom.
Søren Kierkegaard: Notebook 5. 1840. Letter from Oluf Høst to Hans Reitzel.
Letter from Søren Kierkegaard to Regine Olsen. 1840. Benny Andersen: Svante’s Happy Day.



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