Peder Hansen Resen was born in 1625 and died in 1688.

The copperplates from ATLAS DANICUS was published in a facsimile edition with postscript and comments by the former head of the Map Collection Ib Rønne Kejlbo in 1974. Regrettable only published in danish.

The Royal Library holds 5 editions of Resens ATLAS DANICUS, four published in 1677 and one published in 1695.

In two of the editions you will find a kind of index, it is a guide to the bookbinder in which order the maps should be arranged: ORDEN Hvorefter Kaaberpladerne henhörende til Atlantem Resenii bör indbindis. None of the maps in the editions hold in The Royal Library are in that order and none of the editions are complete. Ib Rønne Kejlbo has chosen the best copperplates from the five editions and collected them in the order of the index. Today the Map Collection has done the same in the browsing version of Resens ATLAS DANICUS on the internet.

The historian Thomas W. Lassen has compiled a survey regarding newly published translations of Peder Hansen Resens Atlas Danicus. Click here. Regrettable only in Danish.

The story behind Peder Hansen Resens ATLAS DANICUS is also mentioned in Ib Rønne Kejlbos postscript and comments (27 p.) to the Facsimile edition: Kobberstikkene fra Peder Hansen Resen ATLAS DANICUS 1677. Read it as a pdf-file (1 MB). Click here. Regrettable only in Danish.