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Menasseh ben Israel: Primum Questionum in Genesis. Amsterdam 1642.
Department of Oriental and Judaica Collections, ju-ei-12271

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Menasseh ben Israel (1604-1657) is best known for playing an instrumental role in convincing Cromwell to allow Jews to settle in England again, after having been banished in 1290. The work Primum Questionum in Genesis is a Latin translation of Menasseh’s famous work Conciliador, a commentary on the Pentateuch which also addresses questions of Jewish philosophy in the pre-modern era. This edition was printed in Amsterdam in 1642 (the given “Constantinopolis” was a way of circumventing censorship and/or adding status to the book).

19 x 15 cm.

For further information on Menasseh ben Israel and his life and work see the site of Amsterdam University Library Menasseh Ben Israel.

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