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דאס געזאנג פון די פעלקער פון פססר וועגן לענינען און סטאלינען Dos gezang fun di felker fun FSSR vegn Leninen un Stalinen (The Songs of the People of the USSR about Lenin and Stalin). Moscow 1939.
Department of Oriental and Judaica Collections, jid-1321

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Front cover with portraits
of Stalin and Lenin
Title page

A collection of Yiddish stories and poems about Lenin and Stalin. Normally, the Hebrew loanwords in Yiddish texts (app. 10-15% of the Yiddish vocabulary) are spelled as in Hebrew but pronounced “in Yiddish” (both languages are written in Hebrew characters, from right to left). But in these texts, the Soviet orthography is used, where Hebrew words are written phonetically in order to “de-Hebraize” the Yiddish language.

21.4 x 15 cm.

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