Ronald B. McKerrow:
Printers' & Publishers' Devices in England & Scotland 1485-1640

London 1913



Introductory material
Preface (p. v-viii)
List of contents (p. ix)
Introduction (p. xi)

Explanatory Note on Arrangement, etc. (p. xliv)

List of Some Books referred to (p. lii)

Collections and Libraries (p. liv)

Catalogue Descriptions
Printers' Devices (no. 1-428)
Appendix of untraced Devices, Misdescriptions, and Ghosts
Notes on the Transfer of Devices from one Printinghouse to another
Devices (no. 1-428)
I. Devices and Compartments According to Size
II. Index of Printers, Booksellers, etc.
III. Index of Mottos and Descriptions
IV. Index of Initials of Designer or Engravers
V. Index of Devices and Compartments According to Subjects Represented