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Koran manuscript in Arabic. Iran 1291 A.H. (A.D. 1874).
Department of Oriental and Judaica Collections, Cod. Arab. Add. 45. Lacquered binding, illuminations on pages 1-2

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Front cover P. 1: Illumination with
quote from the Koran
P. 121 P. 122

The text of this Koran is written in the Naskhî script in black ink on paper. The borders are red, gold, and blue. The text is written on white cloud bands on a gold background and small golden discs with red centres are used as verse markers. Between the lines are golden patches. On page 1, the chapter heading is written in red ink on a gold background decorated with green leaves. On the other pages, the chapter headings are written in red on gold and they are flanked by the text of the chapter in black ink. In the margins, golden, red, blue, and green vignettes mark the sections. On some pages, there are marginal notes in Persian, written in the Shikaste script and commenting on the Arabic main text.
The illumination is typically Persian, resembling carpet patterns: the page is divided into squares separated by thick lines and the squares are filled with floral patterns and winding lines. The main colours are gold, cobalt blue, and madder-red.
The binding displays a special lacquer technique: cardboard is treated with chalk and then coated with layers of lacquer. The decorative elements are placed between the individual layers. The inside of the cover has stylized golden flowers on a dark red background.

21 x 13.5 cm.

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