Digitized facsimile

In spring of 2005 the Map Collection started - as part of it's digitizing programme - to digitize the copperplates from Resen ATLAS DANICUS. Being the next treasure shown on the internet

Because of the binding it has not been possible to digitize all maps quite flatly which causes some lack and distortion in the middle of the pictures.

When browsing through the content list you can dobble-click on the number, which makes it possible to see the maps in a very high definition. That presupposes that you download the program: DJVU with a zooming function that allows you to see all details.

Download DJVU: Click here

Due to technical difficulty, it is not possible to see the maps as a browsing version, the facility will be added next year

If you have additional questions please send an email to the department: kob@kb.dk