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Anders Sørensen Vedel (ed.): It Hundrede vduaalde Danske Viser (One Hundred Selected Danish Ballads). Ribe, Liljebjerget: Hans Brun 1591.
N700 8º (LN 1665)

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Title page Fol. L8r: Preface to the ballad
Germand Gladensvend
(Germand the Merry)
Fol. L8v: The first eight verses
of Germand Gladensvend

The historian Anders Sørensen Vedel (1542-1616) set up his own printing house, Liljebjerget (Mountain of Lillies), in Ribe and published this book, the very first printed collection of vernacular ballads – not just in Denmark. In his preface he emphasizes the value of the ballads as a national and cultural monument.

15.8 x 9.7 cm.

See also The Heart Book containing ballads written by hand.

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