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Andreas Alciato: Emblemata. Paris 1602.
178III,-9 8º

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Front cover Ownership mark of Magnus
(Mogens) Friis, son of Niels
Title page P. 139: Janus head

Emblems were a widespread phenomenon in the 16th and 17th centuries. They consisted of a picture, a motto, and a poem, and together these items expressed an abstract rule, often of a moral nature. The first and most important collection of emblems was the Emblemata published by Andreas Alciato in 1531.
A copy of a later edition of this standard work came into the possession of Frederik III as he acquired the Jutland nobleman Niels Friis’s (1584-1651) collection of books in the beginning of the 1650’s. It is considered to be the first major collection of books that was incorporated into the King’s library.
The binding is made of brown morocco with a laurel wreath in gold in the middle of the front cover.

17.6 x 11 cm.

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