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Anthoine Vérard (ed.): Le Jardin de Plaisance & Fleur de Rhetorique. Paris: Anthoine Vérard c. 1500.
Perg. Haun. 18 2º

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Fol. a2r: The book is
presented to the King
Fol. f1r Fol. k6v

Illustrated French anthology of poems. The editor Anthoine Vérard was a central figure in the Parisian world of books around 1500. He published a series of luxuriously furnished books. This book is dedicated to the French king. On fol. a2r a man, probably Vérard himself, is seen presenting the book to the King. The copy is printed on parchment and coloured by hand.
Because this is the only known copy printed on parchment and coloured, it is probably safe to say that it is the dedication copy itself. The book previously belonged to the Danish collector of books Count Otto Thott (1703-1785). He bequeathed his collection of books printed before 1531 to the Royal Library.

35.3 x 23 cm.

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