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Theodor de Bry et al. (eds.): Collectiones peregrinationum in Indiam Orientalem et Indiam Occidentalem. Frankfurt am Main 1590-1634.
15,-445 2º
Vol. 1: America. Pars 1-8.

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Title page (part 1) Between the index and the preface: Map of North and South
America surrounded by the four explorers Columbus,
Vespucci, Pizarro, and Magellan (part 1)
Plate 12: Hollowing out
a canoe by fire (part 1)

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Plate 13: Fishing (part 1)

This composite work in many richly illustrated volumes contains a large number of accounts of journeys to America, Asia, and Africa. The copperplate illustrations became of great importance to the European conception of foreign parts of the world in the 17th century. Ill. 4 above holds a description of the natives fishing from an account of the arrival of the English at Virginia in 1585.

34.8 x 24 cm.

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