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Hans Egede: Omstændelig og udførlig Relation, Angaaende Den Grønlandske Missions Begyndelse og Fortsættelse, Samt Hvad ellers mere der ved Landets Recognoscering, dets Beskaffenhed, og Indbyggernes Væsen og Leve-Maade vedkommende, er befunden (Extensive Relation, about the Beginning and Continuation of the Greenland Missions, and What Else Has Been Discovered Concerning the Nature of the Country and the Life of Its Inhabitants). Copenhagen: Johannes Chr. Groth 1738.
2,-251 4º

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The Norwegian-born clergyman Hans Egede (1686-1758) was a missionary to Greenland during the years 1721-1736. In this book, published after his return to Denmark, he described the many initial difficulties with adjusting to the climate and communicating with the Greenlanders. He also had his map of Greenland printed.
This copy is bound in a so-called mirror binding made of brown leather. This kind of binding features a dark marbled central panel (the mirror), surrounded by a blind or gold tooled frame and, outside of that, a lighter area that is also surrounded, but by a blind rather than a gold tooled line. These bindings were popular in Denmark in the 18th century.

21.7 x 17 cm.

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