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Chronique Martinienne. France (Tours?) 1475-1500.
Thott 430 2º. Parchment, 317 ff.

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Fol. 2r: Louis de Laval who
commissioned the translation
into French of the “Martian
Chronicle” is depicted sitting
with the translated book in front
of him. Next to him is the
translator, Sebastien Mamerot
Fol. 59r: The Infant Jesus
in the stable
Fol. 139r: The death of the prophet Muhammad

The “Martian Chronicle” is a Latin world chronicle written towards the end of the 13th century, telling the history of the world from the earliest times till 1277. It owes its name to the author Martin of Troppau. His work was widely distributed. This manuscript contains a translation into French by Sebastien Mamerot. The text comes alive with a series of illustrations of historic persons and events.

34 x 24 cm.

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