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Statuta conuiuii sancti Johannis baptiste in Ygheløse (Laws of the Guild of St. John in Uggeløse). Uggeløse, Denmark 14th century.
NkS 298d

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Scroll cover When reading the parchment sheet is passed through this slit

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The cover seen from the left

Scroll from late mediaeval Denmark. The wooden binding is covered with leather. It is 19 cm long and 3.4 cm in diameter. A sheet of parchment (52 x 14.5 cm) is wound on a 21 cm long wooden rod placed in a wooden cylinder with a ½ cm wide slit through which the sheet is pulled. The cylinder is covered with leather that has been fastened in each end with a string (now only fastened in one end).
The scroll belonged to Ole Worm (1588-1654), who was a doctor, professor of Latin, Greek, physics, and medicine, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Copenhagen several times, and founder of Danish runology. In 1621 he started a systematic collection of objects that came to be the Museum Wormianum. After Worm’s death King Frederik III bought the collection and incorporated it into the Royal Art Chamber.

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