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Plautus: Comoediae. Brescia 1506.
16,-224 2º

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Front cover Back cover Fol. a1r: Amphitryon
with comments

This binding is a so-called Grolier binding. Jean Grolier (1479-1565) was a famous French collector of books. He had his books bound in luxurious bindings of Italian inspiration, characterized by gilt ribbons twisted around the central panel. At the bottom of the front cover is the following ownership mark: Io. Grolierii et amicorum (belonging to Jean Grolier and his friends). In the central panel is the title of the book and in the same place on the back cover Grolier’s motto: Portio mea Domine sit in terra viventium (Let me, o Lord, have a part in the land of the living). The book contains comedies by the Roman poet Plautus (2nd century B.C.).

32 x 21.5 cm.

Reference: Anker Kyster, Bookbindings in the Public Collections of Denmark, Vol. 1: “The Royal Library Copenhagen”, Copenhagen: Levin & Munksgaard, Ejnar Munksgaard 1938, pp. 74-75.

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