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LEX REGIA Det er: Den souveraine Konge=Lov, sat og given af den Stoormegtigste Höjbaarne Fyrste og Herre Herr Friderich Den Tredie (That is: The sovereign King’s Law, made by the most high and mighty Prince and Lord Herr Friderich The Third) ... Copenhagen 1709.
34I,-96 2º

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The King’s Law, the constitution of the absolute monarchy, was made during the years following the introduction of absolute monarchy in Denmark in 1660-1661, but it was not printed until 1709. Two kinds of bindings were made, one for princely persons and the intimates of the King and one for officials etc. The above binding is of the princely kind, a red velvet binding decorated with gold and silver thread and in the middle the back-to-back monogram of King Frederik IV (F4).

51 x 36 cm.

See another description of this copy under “The printed book in Denmark – the first 400 years”.

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