See the maps better  - and more maps
See maps better:
In order to see the maps better you have to download the program DJVU.
Start here. It gives you the opportunity to zoom in on details - names of small villages, ships and much more.

More maps:
You can also see pictures of more maps by seaching in our danish onlinecatalogue REX (unfortunately not yet possible in the english version).
We have started to digitize our maps to make it possible to see them.

Search: Enkel s√łgning 

fritekst  blaeu 

You then will get 27 records with pictures of 11 maps.

or try:

fritekst janssonius

You then will get 31 records with pictures of 12 maps.

Doubleclick on the small picture you will get the record with all information. Doubleclick again and with DJVU you can see the map with all details.

You can start REX from here

Contact us:
You can ask questions and order a print of one of our maps by writing to our department by e-mail: